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Monitor, Alert and React on your Windows Servers and Stations

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How does IDEAL Alerter work?

Can I get some information about the running of IDEAL Alerter ?


IDEAL Alerter manages the monitoring of defined events and applies a set of associated
actions on network servers and client workstations.

Using IDEAL Alerter, you can easily and remotely monitor the execution and stop of
processes, monitor service status changes, monitor registry database writings, monitor
event logs, monitor changes on files and directories, monitor user session events,
manage disk space, detect installation or uninstallation of programs ... on all the
servers and client workstations in your network...

For each event to monitor, you can define some actions to automatically execute,
like running a command or script, killing a specific process, uninstalling a program,
turning off a computer or locking a session, starting or stopping a service, sending
an email ...

IDEAL Alerter is made up of three elements:

  • IDEAL Alerter Console manages all the alert servers.  This tool allows you to add and delete alert servers and also to create alerts on these different servers. IDEAL Alerter Console can manage an unlimited number of alert servers. Installation is carried out automatically and remotely, with no human action and on any server or
    workstation running Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2008,
    Windows Vista or Windows 7.
  • IDEAL Alerter Server, also called the alert server, installs the alert agents as well as  the software and scripts on the workstations defined for an alert. The agents are automatically installed.
  • IDEAL Alerter Agent, also called the alert agent, manages the event monitoring and the running of actions defined for a specific workstation.

Last modification: 02/10/2010


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