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How to copy user account passwords between Windows servers or stations?

How to change the local administrator's password on many computers?

We think that the password of the local administrator account has been discovered by someone using some "brut force attack" software. So, we need to change it on all our workstations (about 1500).

Can we do that using IDEAL Administration?

Yes, you can do it easily if you follow these steps:

1- Create a text file using Notepad and call it - for instance - "Administrator.act" (or whatever you want). Then, add the following three lines:


2- Launch IDEAL Administration and click Advanced Mode / Add/Modify user accounts. IMPORTANT : Uncheck the option "Transfer Lanman & MD4 user passwords". Click Select and add all the computers you wish. Once made, click Ok. Click Browse in order to select the "Administrator.act" file created before. In the field Advanced, select Modify existing. Click Modify.

3- Once finished, click Report and check this log file for errors.

Last modification: 07/31/2009


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