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How to manage database inventories of Windows Active Directory Domain?

How to automatically schedule a database export of the Active Directory objects?

We need a tool to automate the data of the Active Directory into a SQL Server Database.

Is it possible to do this inventory with IDEAL Administration and can this function be set by time ?

Yes, it can be done with IDEAL Administration.

You can use the "DataBase Exporter" tool (from the "Inventory" menu). You can export several kinds of objects (OUS, Computers accounts, users groups, user accounts, files & directories, shared folders, printers, registry, software, WMI …) and choose the target computers.

You can immediately execute this inventory or schedule it (by clicking on the "Schedule" button) : it will generate a batch file and automatically create a scheduled task for this batch. Then fill in the user account and the required password to execute this task.

If you want to export into an SQL Server Database, do not forget to open the "Tools" menu, then "Options", "Database" and to check/configure "SQL Server database" ("MS Access database" by default).

Last modification: 04/06/2023


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