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What are the administration constraints as far as Exchange 2000 goes?

Concerns the following software:

I've been trying to administer an Exchange 2000 server from an administrator's workstation running on Windows NT4 or Windows XP Pro and I can't get it to work. Why?

If you want to administer a Microsoft Exchange 2000 server remotely, you need to follow Microsoft recommendations, namely,

1- Use a workstation (or server) running Windows 2000 Pro with service pack 2 or later
2- The machine must be on the same Windows 2000 domain as the Exchange server
3- Install Exchange's system management tools from the Windows Exchange 2000 Server CD-ROM

To make this procedure a little simpler, Pointdev offers a slimmed-down runtime that you can download from its web site. See the following item: Can I administer my Exchange 2000 servers from IA version 4.2?

Last modification: 05/04/2009
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