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Examples of alerts

Daily copy and save a directory

Alert : How to automatically copy and save a directory ?

This example describes the procedure to use in order to copy every evening at 20:00, the working directory of the user on a centralized resource (a domain server here)

This topic can also be used as a starting point to automate in a regular way the local or remote copy of directory. The approach will be then relatively similar, the startup date and the path of the source / destination directories will have to be modified..

  • Create a new alert, named for example "Daily copy of the working directory".
  • Add the following event to be monitored :

The date event will be daily activated at 20:00.

  • Add the following action to be performed :

The whole content of the \Documents and Settings\UserName\Work (use of the "%USERPROFILE%" environment variable) will be then copied on the server.

  • Select the target computers on which the alert must be applied.

  • Confirm the alert creation by clicking on the "OK" button.

Last modification: 02/10/2010


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