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How to configure Remote Control Software over the Internet (Pointdev Remote Control)?

How to configure my router (administration site)?

What should I do on our router to set up the the connection between the remote computer and my admin computer?

For the connection to be established between the two sites, you must first add on your router (administration site) a port forwarding rule (NAT/PAT).

Indeed, when the "Pointdev Remote Control" server part running on the remote host will receive a request for remote control, it will initiate a reverse connection by contacting the router's public IP address located on the administration site.

You must add a rule telling your router to redirect any incoming connection on port 5500 (default) to the local IP address of your admin computer. You can change the port number if necessary, but it must match your Pointdev Remote Control configuration (read "How to configure the Pointdev Remote Control client part on the administration computer").

Case in point:

You installed IDEAL Administration or IDEAL Remote or on your admin computer whose IP is

Go to your router configuration page, and create the following port forwarding rule:

Port 5500> TCP / IP> Redirect to the address and the local port 5500.

Depending on the manufacturer and model of your router, manipulation may vary. Please refer to the user manual of your router or visit this page to learn more about port forwarding:


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