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Errors: Access Denied / Others

I have a LSASS.EXE error during the password migration and the server restarts, why?

I'm trying to transfer the user accounts from one Windows 2003 to another Windows system.
The user account is created, but the password was not synchronized correctly and the server keeps shut down.

LSASS.exe generates an error.

What's happen? and how to correct this?

  • To resolve this problem with Windows 2003:

Migrating user passwords to Windows 2003 SP1 (or more) means the file boot.ini (c:\boot.ini) needs to be modified in order to disable the DEP function.

To do this, open the file boot.ini using a text editor like notepad.exe, then replace the command /NoExecute=OptIn or /NoExecute=OptOut with /NoExecute=AlwaysOff

We advise you to keep the original boot.ini file, by saving it under boot_old.ini for example, before modifying it. You can also reactivate this option once the migration of user passwords has finished.

  • To resolve this problem with Windows 2008:

With Windows 2008, you can not edit or modify the boot.ini file. This is not authorized.

To modify the Windows starting options, you can use the command line tool: BCDEdit.

Open the command prompt and type the commands below:

BCDEdit /enum >win2k8start.txt

BCDEdit /set nx AlwaysOff

The first command records the starting configuration into the win2k8start.txt file and the second disables the DEP function.

IMPORTANT: You must restart the server for this modification to take effect.


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