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FAQ : IDEAL Migration

Windows NT- und Active Directory-Migrationsprogramm

How to migrate a Windows Domain (NT or Active Directory) to a new one by using IDEAL Migration?

How do I avoid the "access denied" error message when installing agents?

When I try to install migration agents on the machines in my old domain, I get an "access denied" error message. And yet I am logged on as administrator of the new domain.

What do I have to check out or change to stop getting this message?

IDEAL Migration uses Windows privileges for installing services and modifying the registries of remote machines. This means that the administrator who is using IDEAL Migration must have administration privileges (Overall group: domain Admins) on the remote machines. Otherwise it's impossible to manage them correctly.

We therefore recommend that you establish an approval relationship between your domains so as to resolve any problems related to access permissions.

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Last modification: 04/10/2013


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