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Vereinfachte Verwaltung von Windows Active Directory-Domänen und Arbeitsgruppen über eine einzige Konsole

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General information

Can I update my current installation?

I'm currently using IDEAL Administration version 8.0 and I'd like to update it. What do I need to check out?

When you buy IDEAL Administration, you get access to our technical help service ( support@pointdev.com ) and this gives you free updates for a year.

Once this period has ended, if you want to update your version or continue accessing our technical support, you must renew your software maintenance. The fee for this is 20% of the cost of the number of licenses you hold.

It's all explained here: http://www.pointdev.com/en/ideal-administration/price.php

Link for updating licenses: https://www.pointdev.com/en/order-estimate/order-cc.php?product=ia

To check out the expiration date of your current license, please select ? then Registration from the main IA menu.
The date that counts is the one that appears in the area entitled Software registered on.

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