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What are the errors generally encountered by our software?

Why is the remote control very slow to initialize with Windows 10 (and higher) clients?

Since we put our computer park under Windows 10, the remote control is longer to run, why? and how to speed it up?

The new Windows 10 firewall can block or slow down remote access to Windows services. This usually results in an additional delay of about 20 seconds when accessing remotely (instead of 3 seconds): remote control, access to services, ...

To correct this problem, you must add the following DWORD value DisableRPCOverTCP to 1 in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control key of each Windows 10 client.

IMPORTANT: The client computer must be rebooted.

TIP: IDEAL Administration 19.65 (& +) and IDEAL Remote 14.65 (& +) automatically add the value DisableRPCOverTCP to 1 if this slowdown is found during the remote control operation and if this value is not present in the registry of the Windows 10 station. However, the problem will be corrected only after the restart of the computer. If you are in an Active Directory domain, we recommend that you create a GPO to automatically add this value to all nodes in the network.

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