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How to manage database inventories of Windows Active Directory Domain?

How to list all the local administators over our domain?

Il would like to list and find out if there exist, all the users who are member of the local administrator group on all workstations of our domain.

Is it possible and how may I proceed ?



Yes, it can be done with IDEAL Administration.

You can use the "DataBase Exporter" tool (from the "Inventory" menu). Select "User groups" object and select the target computers of your domain by clicking "Select" button.

Then launch the inventory by clicking "Execute". Once the process is done, you can view the inventory by clicking on "Viewer MDB".

Search for "Administrators" in the "Group_name" column and for "Local" in the "Group_Type" column. Members are stored in the "Member" column.

You can easily create a SQL request in order to filter these lines.

If you want to export into an SQL Server Database, do not forget to open the "Tools" menu, then "Options", "Database" and to check/configure "SQL Server database" ("MS Access database" by default).

Also read: How to extract information from database inventories?

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